Welcome to the
Wikis for Beginners Space!

Contact Jennfier Kelly at or Mary Vartabedian at
for more information on creating and customizing a wiki!

A wiki is a collaborative online space on which users can
add and modify text, images, videos, widgets, etc.

Agenda for PDP course:
  1. "Teaching With Wikis" Video
  2. Discuss:
    1. What does "WIKI" mean / stand for?
    2. Use of wikis in education (link on left)
    3. Difference between wikis, blogs, and SharePoint sites
    4. Navigate through sample wikis on the "Examples of Wikis" page (FCHS Library and some of our samples)
    5. With a partner, discuss how you might use a wiki
  3. Discuss Wikispaces / other wiki creation tools
    1. Accounts
    2. Create and/or join multiple Wikispaces with a single account (permissions: private, protected, or public)
    3. Each Space can have many pages
    4. Wiki toolbars and page aids at the top
  4. View "Wikis in Plain English" video
  5. Create Wikispaces account and first Wikispace (unless you already have an account and wiki)
  6. Request membership to this wiki ( View dashboard.
  7. Return to your new wiki. Discuss "Manage Wiki" options (Look and Feel / Permissions / Invite Members / etc.)
  8. Modify colors and theme (optional: add logo)
  9. Discuss and try:
    1. add text and modify font styles
    2. add links to external web sites and new "subpages"
    3. add tables
    4. add widgets
    5. copy and paste from Microsoft Word and use tables for easier formattin
    6. edit navigation toolbar - modify it
  10. Discuss
    1. History
    2. Discussion
    3. Wikispaces email
    4. The "THIS IS NOT YOUR Facebook PAGE!" discussion to have with students
    6. Creating user accounts for students and "The FCHS Method!"

Congratulations! You are now a . . .

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